Whether you are a property broker or agent, you need listings which make your business flourish or sprout out. Great listings save wastage of time, energy and money. There are 6 features of highly effective online property listings. For any real estate professional or buyer in Philippines, great knowledge is required to avoid making mistakes. Read on for some tips which might come handy:

Great locations

Effective locations have to be in good locations. Property listed should be situated in great locations to attract more prospects. Each property listing should be accompanied by a description of the property location. With the proliferation of multiple property listing portals, a great site always stays ahead of the game. The property should be with all amenities any one would desire and with easy access to social amenities.

Offer visibility

There’s no point in marketing property when it’s not going to be visible to potential customers. Listings might charge a fee for property owner. So, they put in effort to be as visible as possible to potential customers. An effective listing makes all effort to appear on top of a Google search. To listers, sometimes you might have to fork out a small fee to have your property featured on the site. Effective listings bring in branding mileage that brings you great returns on your investment.

Price the listing correctly within Market Value

For anyone willing to buy property for sale in Philippines, great listings have listings priced in line with prevailing market value. Any smart buyer takes time to study the current market value of property. So, it will be so easy to spot dubious listings with exorbitant prices listed for property. With the sheer number of listings in the market, it will be so easy for a buyer to narrow down to only those which meet your budget. Don’t forget being in line with current market value. You can narrow down your search by district or town and then come down to searching by price.

Listings have thumbnails

Property with no thumbnail is not appealing to potential buyers. Listings with cover picture thumbnail will easily grab anyone’s attention. It will work more when coupled with an attention grabbing headline. The headline should be enticing and appealing to buyers to buy that property that instant. If the tag line is enticing enough with a nice image for the thumbnail, you will surely receive a couple of calls inquiring about that property.

High quality images of the property

As seen above, make sure to have a professional take some nice shots of the property in various angles. Quality photos make a different story to prospective buyers. You don’t have to be a lazy agent, contact a professional photographer and you will see a change in your marketing effort. Improve the way you do your work by embracing real estate photography in your business.

A brand name

Great property listings stand out from the crowd. The available options include featuring floor plans, uploading videos, and adding 360 degree virtual tours to your listings. It’s a great way to create a brand online and offline. Reputable brands are not built overnight. It takes commitment and hard work but the rewards will come later on. To enhance your listing, do some offline marketing.