Twitter is a great tool for any business owner. However, for its effective use, a proper marketing plan comes handy. A strategy to use Twitter in business requires a report of where your account is today and where you want it to be in the nearest future. What kind of goals are you seeking to achieve plus the tools to get there. The more specifics you have when developing the strategy, the better the implementation will be. Here are 6 tips to building a Twitter marketing plan.

For effectiveness, always make sure to make your marketing strategy as concise as possible. Keep away from lofty planning which makes your plan unattainable. A great marketing plan will make you make informed decisions and help you gauge your Twitter effectiveness. It’s a great way to avoid your plan from failing.

Review your Twitter account

Before building a Twitter marketing plan, make an evaluation of your current account. Has it brought any success to your business? To do this requires checking whoever has been following your business products or operations. Does your target market use Twitter for social media? Finally, how do your competitors prepare their Twitter accounts? After assessment, you will have a picture of how your business fairs online. Who manages your Twitter account?

Create new or update existing Twitter account

Now that you are done with making a review, it’s time to work on your presence. Create a new Twitter account if the old is not meeting your requirements. However, make sure to integrate your audience and broader objectives. Alternatively, when looking for ideas on how to gain followers on Twitter hire professionals to do the work for you. This is a get there fast method of building your Twitter account to match your current business goals.

Set goals and objectives

A perfect Twitter marketing strategy begins with establishing goals you are to achieve in a specific period of time. The goals will come handy in knowing the appropriate course of action to take. It ensures that your Twitter campaigns are working your way. With no objectives, it will be difficult to gauge your return on investment or proving your success. Come up with at least four smart objectives which are specific, measurable, attainable and relevant to your campaign.

Get inspired

customers, competitors and leading business men are already there. It’s apparent that your competitor’s presence on social media is not good food to your ears. However, you must understand that networks offer a wealth of experience. You can incorporate this into your Twitter marketing plan to make it more effective. Twitter offers a platform to listen to concerns from your clients and offer solution. This is a great way to edge over the competition.

Have a content plan

Make sure to offer highly creative and informative content on your Twitter account. A perfect Twitter marketing plan should be coupled by a great content marketing plan as well. This includes details regarding content curation and creation. Further, there’s a need for company to create an editorial calendar.

Test run and evaluate your plan

Regular testing of your Twitter marketing plan is a great way to check whether there’s a need to make adjustments at the right time. Consider keeping track of your links with utm codes and URL shorteners. Further, you can consider getting analytics to track the reach of your Twitter campaign. The analysis will give you a report regarding the success of your Twitter account which will help you make adjustments.